Kalrin Vallis, Kal to his friends, is an agent for the Aleph Association's Arkebis chapter.  He is described as having caramel colored skin, a runner's build, sharp features and shoulder length dark hair.  His most striking features are his eyes, the color of spring leaves.  Kal is in his late twenties, but something about his face makes people guess that he is older.

Kal is known for his logical nature, love of the exotic, and willingness to defend friends, family and others.  He also has an occasionally wry sense of humor.

Kal was educated on scholarship at the Tulman Academy, boarding there while his mother worked.  After graduating he joined the Aleph Association and began his training as an attunweiyld, becoming an agent three years later.  He has an older sister Matriese and younger brother Laiyn.