As an agent, it's up to Kal to protect the Aleph Association's members from deadly assassins, supernatural monsters, uncontrolled mechanical horrors and worse.

Today, Kal has been assigned to find Obrin, the young son of two Aleph Association members.  Kal is determined to bring Obrin home safe, but it won't be easy.  Obrin is mixed up with one of the city's crime syndicates and is being held by a crew of hardened smugglers in the tunnels beneath the city, if he's even still alive.

Can Kal rescue Obrin and give him a second chance?  Or will they both die in the caves below.

Find out by reading "Second Chances" a novelette that follows one of Kal's early adventures.  You may either read Second Chances online, or join the Under the Nine Suns Insider Newsletter and receive a free downloadable copy.